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Survivor Challenge #2: Hillbilly Olympics!

The second of four Survivor Challenges have been played.  This theme was the Hillbilly Olympics… and it was a fascinating, fun-filled evening.

Six events were played:

  1. Hillbilly Horseshoes
  2. Cornhole
  3. Three-legged race
  4. Hillbilly Driver’s Ed
  5. Hippity Hop Race
  6. Bobbing for Chicken Nuggets (in hot sauce)

    Chase, in his usual silliness, “modeling” the makeshift horseshoes we used for Hillbilly Horseshoes.

Hillbilly Horseshoes was so named because we used toilet seat covers rather than actual, metal horseshoes.  Representatives from each team were given 10 tosses, and the team with the highest score was the winner.

Blue came in first, while Red and Green tied for second place.

The standard game of country fun, cornhole, featured prominently.  Instead of playing to 21, representatives from each team played to 11.

The format was double-elimination.

Red placed first in this event, followed by Green, then Blue and Yellow.

Hayley celebrates an exciting shot during the cornhole tournament!

The Three-Legged Race was pretty standard: a representative from each team tied one of their legs to the other representative and attempted to run the race that way.

Willow (seated) and Kat are still smiling after their nasty wipe out in the Three-Legged Race.

The highlight was Willow and Kat, representing the Blue Team, wiping out in the second leg of the race.

Green won the race, with Yellow in second place, Blue in third place (somehow), and Red coming in last.

Hillbilly Driver’s Ed had one representative pulling a teammate in a wagon around an obstacle course of cones, then the teammates had to switch places and weave the cones in reverse.

It’s harder than it looks — at least one team knocked a cone down.

Blue came in first for the Driver’s Ed portion, followed by Yellow, then Green, and Red bringing up the rear.  No pun intended.

If I could focus the camera on the fly, you have to admit that this picture would be pretty awesome.

When Nate realized that the Three-Legged Race was a one-and-done event and the representatives had nothing else to do, he quickly added a Hippity-Hop Race, using those lovely bouncing balls that are more of a workout than they first appear.

Everyone’s favorite event, the highlight of the evening, was bobbing for chicken nuggets.  Yes, bobbing for chicken nuggets.  Floating in hot sauce.

No one vomited, which is an achievement in itself.

Blue, with BBQ sauce plastered on chin, celebrates a well-earned victory in Bobbing for Nuggets.

To win, the representative from each team had to be the first to pull twenty chicken nuggets out of the hot sauce with only his or her mouth.

No chicken nuggets were harmed during this event.

After all was said and done, the Blue Team came in first this evening, and thus earned immunity.  Green came in second.  Defending champs Red came in third.  Last but not least, Yellow came in fourth.

In Avalanche Survivor, you can’t be voted off.  Otherwise, what’s the incentive to come back?  Instead, the evening’s winner has immunity from losing a point.  Each team decides among themselves who to strike a point from, and then they cast a vote.

That dubious honor went to the Red Team.

Who will take the trophy?  It’s not to late to join us — come in, join a team, and help your friends win the Survivor Challenge!

Next week: Ultimate Hide-and-Seek!

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